Top 5 Resources On Manhood

As time moves forward, our comprehension of our purpose as men continues to get a darker shade of gray. Unfortunately it just is not as black and white as it used to be. This confusion led to the beginning of this blog.

What does a man in present day look like? Should it look different now as opposed to different eras?

If you’ve followed this blog at all in the past you would know my dad has been a driving force behind the inspiration. However, these five resources have shaped my curiosity and given certain articulation to questions I continue to want answers for.

  1. Pastor Matt Chandler – This man teaches the bible with a ferocity that is unparalleled to any I’ve heard. He pastors The Village Church in Dallas, TX. He started to lay a foundation for my curiosity three years ago when I discovered his sermons on Vimeo. You can view those here.
  2. The Art of Manliness – The complexity of this website continues to baffle me. I like to think of this resource as the YouTube of manhood. You click on one story and then hours later you find yourself not even scratching the surface of the content housed on here. Get lost and learn! You can also engage with them here:
  3. Ransomed Heart – John Eldredge and his ministry penetrated the hearts of many men, young and old. His groundbreaking book, Wild at Heart, is a playbook of how to navigate life as a man. It is a book I’ve gone back to many times since I first read it ten years ago. You can engage with this ministry in many ways such as these:
  4. Dad Tired & Loving It – I stumbled on this resource just recently and am overwhelmed with the way their heart shines through this ministry. They touch on real topics and are not afraid to have discussions that embrace the messiness of our journey as men. Engage with them here:
  5. Manhood Journey – This Kentucky based ministry is challenging Dad’s to simply embrace the fight. They make it their mission to not only provide a blueprint to what God has laid on their heart but they have resources to equip men ready to step into the battle. Thank you for inviting us on the journey. Start the journey here:

Many of you have asked me where my inspiration comes from for writing, decision-making, and the general compass for my life. Outside of scripture, these supplemental resources I invest my attention into have helped form who I am today.

Thank you for your continued support of The Present Day Man.

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I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

In His Grip,

Joshua Koch – Contributor


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