Perspective Versus Reality


I am fascinated how we as humans get so consumed in our own reality. We often lose perspective to what the reality around us is truly holding.

Recently, people have been asking if I am okay. They have noticed my writings haven’t been published as frequently. I guess if truth were to be at the forefront they have not been published for quite sometime.

There is a reason…

I have been living in my own personal hell.

The reason(s) are deep and in one way or another they will work their way out.

However, it is important for people to know what their reality is.

The Present Day Man started for one simple purpose: to articulate for men what they cannot.

To articulate for men that the responsibility of being a man, is damn hard.


Listen, I am who I am.

I am discovering my personal hell can end.

I am discovering to be me.

I am discovering more everyday that God has given me a certain communication style that speaks to an abundance of people from different walks of life.

I, Joshua Koch, am madly in love with Jesus Christ. I fiercely love people, cuss a little, enjoy a cigar every now and then, and desperately want every person I come into contact with to fall in love with Jesus.

I am more interested in who I can inspire than who I offend.

Some people, whom I love, will read this entry and be outraged that I published the word ‘damn.’ So I will repeat what I just said so it sinks in: I am more interested in who I can inspire than who I offend.

We all have so much to offer. Yet, we constantly compare our reality to the reality of others. ‘Comparing yourself to others is the literal act of removing yourself from the #present.’

I hear so often from people about what they want to accomplish.

What they want to do.

Who they want to become…

Yet, it is always followed by an excuse of why they cannot.


If more people believed in their dreams, there would be a lot less lamenting about their current reality.

There is no better time than now to own who you are. I am burdened by this hope that you will start to gain footing in who you were made to be.

I finally am.

And please, hold onto this truth: it is going to be damn hard.

I love you.

Joshua Koch . – Contributor

The Present Day Man

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12 Comments on “Perspective Versus Reality”

  1. Love you to bro! We were not made to be perfect , but praise God though the blood of Jesus Christ we are forgiven! You made my morning awesome Josh. THX, Ike…..

  2. I knew as soon as I met you that you were special. You go out of your way to make others feel special. Please keep being you.
    Love this writing Josh, praying for you.

    1. You’ve been a constant encouragement since we’ve met. Please continue being a part of my life.

  3. Right on bro!
    Nothing deeper or earth shaking than realizing that God made each one of us 1. In His image and 2. Infinitely unique by design in infinite love! (Couple of big mouthfuls there!)

  4. What I find to be my truth…
    Being saved doesn’t make me a saint… Being sober doesn’t make me a saint… Being a mother grandmother or above all a good dependable and lately even accountable employee does NOT make me a saint… What makes me even tolerable to others one day at a time is GRACE. and my spiritual condition can change from good to ehhh really fast. All I can say honestly is when i feel as tho I’m walking thru that hell you say is when I’m growing its uncomfortable and it sucks but the trudge is never as bad as the place I’m walking away from GodBless YOU Josh and remember its cool to be yourself . and Damn isn’t bad unless you’re using it in vein😀 God speed…Mary

  5. Josh…I’ve known you since you were a teen, head banging, Christian rock music player. I’ve silently followed you on Facebook for years. I have enjoyed every part of what you have done. Idk what your personal hell is, but I do know that every step of the way you have been “madly in love with Jesus, and with that intense “madness” you have touched the lives of many. Within that many your have touched, are people who before meeting you, had no interest in Jesus. You touch the hearts of the lost. What did Jesus do? I am speaking to a true follower of Jesus. One who wears the dirt off of Jesus sandals because you follow so closely. You are here to sow the seeds. Some will fall on good soil and grow, some will not. You are the “Jesus” who sows the seeds. Thank you, for being YOU!

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