People Are Worth The Risk


Moving to Tennessee brought on conversations with a variety of people. Some displayed anger, others support, and a few displayed indifference. Almost everyone though said a word that has really stuck with me…#risk.

When pressed for meaning, almost to the person said, “you are taking a risk to do what you want to do, I admire that.” Risk obviously in their opinion meant leaving what is ‘known.’

Indiana was home for ten years.

It is what I knew.

It is where ‘adult‘ Josh lived.

I’d argue though staying would have been riskier. Unanswered questions, uninvested relationships, unknown situations are far riskier in my opinion than the monotony of a constantly followed schedule.

In no way am I stating living in one place your entire life and following a routine diminishes the impact your life can have…

I am saying true #risk is doing something with your life that doesn’t make you happy. I wonder how many people’s opinions were dictated by what they needed from me instead of what I needed?


Do you know who your neighbor is? I’m not talking about what they do for a living. I’m talking about them as people. What they are going through in life. What depresses them. What excites them. What they desire to invest their life in.

I am tired of seeing devastation. I am tired of seeing broken hearts. The best news I can give you is: it is possible to sew people’s hearts back together. It takes vulnerability though, not thread.

This picture encapsulates the direction human relationships are heading: cold, frozen, and empty

photo credit: Stephanie Moore

Be vulnerable with people. Your vulnerability is the only capital we can truly give one another. If someone has hurt you, give the next person a chance.

Stop punishing each other for the sin of other people. I promise you…if you simply, give a crap about people, life will be more fulfilling.

Let me be clear: Jeremy & I are #presentdaymen because we are miserable failures, not because we are perfect. There is a misconception that ‘success equals perfection‘.

How paralyzing would that be if that were true?

Do not be afraid to fail. Be vulnerable. Get hurt. Embrace the mess. Love.


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