One Cop’s Perspective…

I’m sure everyone judged the content of this blog by the picture that is attached with it…

I implore you to keep reading…

I’ve been overwhelmed today by how many people have taken the time to reach out to me.

Most have expressed gratitude to me for being a law enforcement officer. Others, have simply reached out and checked to see how I was doing.

Thank you to those that have…it is appreciated, not necessary, but appreciated.

However, others on social media have fueled an unbelievable amount of hate the last 72 hours, on both sides of the coin.

It makes me sick to think that people put so much stock into a 30-second video clip. It actually solidifies the idea that we will look for any shred of “evidence” to justify the hate in our hearts that all of us hold for one another.

This extends far beyond a race issue though…

I’ve read negative comments on social media from “friends.”

“Friends” that thank me to my face for what I do and for protecting them .

“Friends” that I’m tasked to protect at the school corporation I’m blessed to work for.

“Friends” I have some of the fondest memories with from college.

These comments have torn and ripped, almost in half, the core of who I am.

These comments are dripping with the very ignorance and hate that cop haters associate my badge with.

I refuse to engage in the “debate” on social media. I’ve chosen to respond via this blog entry only.

That way you can choose to either read it or not.

We have to understand something about debate: Debate doesn’t change anyone’s opinion, only life and love does.

If we started there…we could usher in a healthy way to talk about real issues.. I made a comment in a blog entry around a month ago that resonated with a few people…Simply, Give A Crap About People.

Society lives in an eternal cycle of irony.

Let’s unpack that…

The recent phrases that have become a regular part of our societal speech have been “one love” and “insert group lives matter.”

The big push lately has been love and respect. The irony, that laughs in the corner though, is we have no idea how to let people respect us.

Think about how incredibly uncomfortable it is to be served. Think about a great waiter or waitress at a restaurant. I’m talking about the ones who treat us with respect and possess genuine concern about taking care of our table. We’re more lenient with mistakes, waiting times, and issues because we know the heart behind their service.

When people genuinely serve us well, our human default is to respect and serve them back.

The same is true for culture…when you treat every single person with respect, it births a response of reciprocity.

Yes, you are going to have your people who will respond with hate.

I promise though the majority of society will respond properly.

The problem is pride causes us to live in a space where we say, “I would love a world like that but I refuse to be the person who relents first.”

That’s how you properly debate though. Example always outweighs even the best communicator.

I pray that the weight behind my writing isn’t because of how well I articulate my points. I pray it’s because I make it a mission to exemplify what I write about.

You have to possess that mindset if you use platforms such as social media to communicate your views. There is a responsibility that comes with this level of accessibility.

With that said…

Regardless of social media negativity…

Regardless of the prejudice you hold against me…

Regardless of the prejudice you attach to my profession…

I will continue to strap on my ballistics vest and pin my badge into place. I will continue to tell dispatch that 12R4 is 10-76 (enroute) to help anyone and everyone that requires my assistance, even if they want me dead.

I will continue to hug my family before leaving for the day without knowing what I’ll encounter during the course of that shift or detail.

After hearing about what happened in Dallas last night, my first desire was to suit up and get on the street with my brothers and sisters. I can’t explain the lunacy behind that statement other than I truly do give a crap about people and love serving them.

Love me or hate me I will always respond to any need you have…even if you want me dead.

16 Comments on “One Cop’s Perspective…”

  1. First of all, you should be a preacher! Second, I have seen first hand what an amazing example of love and respect that you are to our community. Thank you for being a man of integrity both when wearing the badge and not.

  2. For what it’s worth, Josh, I appreciate not only your commitment/ calling but also how you’ve expressed it in words for us. May God continue to go w/ and before you in your endeavor to serve.
    And one more thing . . . I love you!

  3. Thank you Josh. I am very thankful that we have policemen and women who are willing and able to protect us and serve us. You ARE appreciated!

  4. I am proud of all the people I know who provide service to others. Teachers, doctors, nurses, police, army – every single person is spending their lives in a way that helps other people.

    Thanks for being one of them, even when it’s dangerous.

  5. In every difficult time of my life and in every emergency a police officer has been there to help our family. I will forever thank you all for what you do everyday and always remember that there are far more who appreciate you than those who are against you. God bless you all!

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