Not Everybody Can Be Gary Vee

Influence is a commodity that needs to be tripled down on, just like our strengths.

Not everyone possess it.

One of my favorite things about working at Plainfield Community Middle School (PCMS) was giving the gift of my attention to the students. Our attention is the greatest gift we can give to other people.

A little more on who I learned that from later.

There was a handful of students that held the blessing of having influence over the majority.

This was never more evident than it was in a student named Noah. He has the unique quality to attract all sorts of different students. This is a powerful asset and I invested every drop of knowledge I could into him positively tapping into it.

I learned to seek this commodity out in people by an influencers of mine, Gary Vaynerchuk. His energy and passion for everything he does is contagious.

It is one of the many reasons he influences me.

I crave the content he puts out and I devour his keynotes that are released as podcasts.

There has been a rub in my ambitious drive between the businesses I run, others I’ve run in the past, and my relationships. It’s difficult for a large segment of society to understand that selflessness is found in my selfishness, when birthed out of good things.

I’ve never in my life been able to articulate this until I listened to the keynote Gary gave at Dutch Bros Coffee in Portland, OR. Gary at one point said, “my selflessness is in my selfishness.”

I don’t know Gary on a personal level but I do have the stones to say, “I didn’t think anybody else loved people as much as I do. I may have met my match.”

I’ve been influenced by Gary for a while now and he continues to articulate pieces of my journey that have always been blurry.

Gary, I’m confident enough to know you’re reading this. It’s the kind of guy you are. Thank you.

Thank you for not giving a crap what people think, yet Simply Giving a Crap About People.

Thank you for agonizing like I do over the stuff people write about us, the content we put out, and yet in the same breath not caring in the slightest.

It’s a paradox most people don’t live in, but I’m thankful I’ve found someone else like-minded.

Thank you for embracing failure, which is a lesson my father taught me well.

Thank you for embracing the journey and realizing that is the most beautiful part of the entire process.

Lastly, thanks for being my Rickey Henderson.

Hustle Always,

Joshua Koch – Contributor

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  1. I love reading your blogs and listening to your sermon. You are a good man. We are all very lucky to have met you, work with you, worship with you, live with you and to love you. I miss you dearly my friend!! Hugs and kisses for you, beautiful Amy and the boys!!! XOXOXOX

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