I am so excited to highlight my first best friend, my sister Nicole Hedrick. I cannot begin to explain how lucky I was to have her in my life growing up. There are a lot of differences between my sister and I, but she is one of the most fierce allies that I have.

I have had the opportunity to watch this beautiful young woman blossom into a wife, mother, surgery technician, business partner, & entrepreneur. As my consistent readers know, my parents often get most of the credit for who I am today.

I would be remiss however, to leave my sister out of this equation. She has pushed me in many facets of my life without her even knowing. I am excited to share, part of the story, of my precious sister. I enjoy the spotlight, her not so much…so enjoy.

It is her turn.


Joshua Koch: What does womanhood and manhood mean to you?

Nicole Hedrick: Womanhood to me is so many different things. Womanhood can look like: wife, mother, homemaker, friend, leader, nurturer, teacher.

Manhood I would say the same type of thing: husband, father, strength, wisdom, bravery, sacrifice, leader.

Both are more than an appearance or physical title. Both come from within, when you step forward to your given calling in life.


Joshua Koch: Who inspires you?

Nicole Hedrick: When I think of people who have inspired me or a “hero” one person will forever come to mind: Dr. Dan Blossom.

He saved my life when I was literally dying and no medical doctor would listen to me.

I will forever be thankful for him, God directed him in giving me a second chance at life. I will never be able to repay him.

My Family: My Grandma Koch passed away a couple of years ago. She inspires me, still to this day, to see past peoples flaws and pray for them daily. Believe in the power of prayer.

My Dad: He is so successful and has the biggest heart. I hope to be half the person he is.

He would literally give you the shirt off his back. I have learned so much from him and now I get to continue to learn from him as I work for Koch Financial Design.

He inspires me to work hard everyday.

My Mom: She is relentless. She is also the reason I was given a second chance when I was so sick. She would not take no or a misdiagnoses for an answer, which has become an endearing quality of hers.

My health has put a lot of stress on her, even as an infant, but she does not complain. She would do anything for me and anyone else. I hope to be half the mom to Remington that she has been to me and my brother. She inspires me to never take no for an answer.

My Brother: We are alike in a couple of ways, one being we do so many things. It is a blessing and a curse to want to be involved in so many things.

I have always been jealous that he can walk into a room and talk to anyone. He can make friends instantly. I walk into a room and I am just hoping no one is looking at me. He inspires me to love everyone.

My Husband: He has more patience than anyone I have ever met. I understand it is cliche, but he really is my other half.

He is everything I am not.

He inspires me to have fun in any situation, and never take life too seriously.

Lastly, my son: Remington. I know it sounds silly considering he is two. Nonetheless, he inspires me daily.

I was someone who thought I would have been totally fine if I never had kids. Some people do not have a choice or choose not to have kids and that is okay.

But for me, I have no clue how I ever lived without him. I never would have known this kind of love.

He has taught me a greater love than I ever thought was possible. He has given me purpose.

He inspires me daily to be the best version of myself, he is my greatest “why.”


Joshua Koch: Why Rodan + Fields?

Nicole Hedrick: Three years ago I was working full-time at the hospital, doing eight massages per week, twenty hours per week at Koch Financial Design, pregnant, and very sick.

I was a wife.

I was a daughter.

I was a friend.

At that time I hated my skin, babies do wonderful damage to your body, I reached out to an old friend who I knew sold Rodan + Fields Skin Care. I told her I needed a regimen and I did not care how much it cost.

She asked me if I wanted to promote the products. I said absolutely not, I already had zero time to spare.

I do not even wash my face and I do not sell stuff. However, part of me was curious.

I researched the company to find that the business plan was amazing.

I researched the multi-med therapy regimens and saw the before / afters.

I also knew these products were backed by world-renowned dermatologists.

I talked about it so much that my husband Jacob became agitated and said, “just do it, you won’t ever know unless you try.”

I fell in love with the products within days. I knew the business had a 60-day money back guarantee, just like our products, so that made it easier to jump in.

I had nothing to lose…

My goal was to get great skin.

I wanted to get a couple of customers so my skincare was paid for.

My ultimate goal was to be able to stay at home with Remington.

I thought that was so far fetched. However, eight months later, I was able to leave my full-time job as a surgery technician, drop down to occasional, and stay at home with my baby.

Another sixteen months later, I am now recognized in the top 2% of the company, surpassing my full-time income at the hospital. All I do is share about the #1 skincare brand in all of North America, products I use and love.

I am passionate about helping others and helping them build a better future for themselves.

Plus, what’s one more job?

After all, I was born a Koch.

Aside from the designer gifts, the trips, the pay checks and bonuses, Rodan + Fields has given me options, so much confidence, unbelievable friendships, and a greater purpose.

That is something you cannot buy.


Nicole, now it is my turn. The example you set for me growing up has played out in all of my successes. You, aside from mom, are the first girl I ever loved. To see you as a wife to Jacob and mom to Remington has been one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed. As you know, I have been blessed to experience a lot of things.

One of my favorite stories is when I was in college and mom would tell me on certain nights you would sleep in my room, and would fall asleep crying, from missing me so much. This story brought me emotions and feelings I cannot articulate.

I cannot imagine growing up without you and I hope you know how much I cherish and adore you. You are easy to love no matter what you say…

Your beauty outside is only exceeded by your beauty inside. I love you Koler Bear and I always will.

Thank you for letting me honor you this way.


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