Meet Joshua

Jesus follower // husband // father // worship leader // police officer // basketball referee

This idea started with a blog. Since its birth it has allowed me to start speaking, mentoring men, and learning more about my community and society than I ever could have imagined.

I’ve always been bent towards the group that over extends themselves. Albeit with ‘good things’ and ‘good works’ but still in the end overextended.

In 2014 my heart really started to break for young men that don’t have any male influences in their life. I had a desperation to learn more about biblical manhood and why the presence of men is so vital to human flourishing.

I began to read and talk to men in the community who are intentionally ‘present.’ I had a tremendous upbringing and my father is still very close to me. This movement was started out of the desire to share what I experienced growing up. I’m not saying I’m the model ‘man’ but I was blessed to have numerous men invest in me and set terrific examples of biblical manhood.


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